Cenci Coaching & Consulting works with current and former athletes as they transition throughout the various stages of their athletic careers and lives.

Erica Cenci is an athlete development specialist and professional coach. As a former captain of the Purdue Women's Swim & Dive Team and NCAA Division I Championships Qualifier, Erica recognizes the difficulties that come with trying to balance an athletic career with the demands of your life (work, school, family, etc.). Erica also appreciates the complexities that surface while transitioning to the life after your athletic career has concluded. 

With the combination of her personal athletic experience, coaching expertise, professional career expertise and support, Erica works with you to create custom programs to help reach your goals, develop skillsets and succeed - in athletics and in life. These strategies are successful for current student-athletes, elite and professional athletes, as well as recent college graduates and military members / families.

Within each and every one of us, lies untapped potential and a massive amount of strength, something that can take a while for us to find on our own. At Cenci Coaching & Consulting, our job is to help you find it, unleash it, and use it to succeed -- in life and in sports.