A Place To Talk Personal Athlete Development

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Erica and I’m a personal coach and athlete development professional. I’m launching this blog to talk about personal athlete development. Why? I think it’s a subject that’s widely ignored at all levels of athletics and that there just aren’t enough resources in place to help athletes transition through the various stages they experience during and after their athletic careers.

What do I mean by athlete development? Generally, addressing the areas that go well beyond sports performance but that consider the development of the athlete as a holistic individual (personally, emotionally, professionally, socially, etc.) -- even after the individual has ended their athletic career. While most universities and some professional organizations have resources in place to address leadership and career development, and of course, academic and physical athletic development of athletes, many don’t address WHO the athlete is or the core personal needs of the athlete. From my research and experiences, I see a gap. The development work is largely unstandardized and there are major areas of development being ignored.

My goal is to fill the gap. I want to help others find what comes next for their own lives, explore their own personal growth and I want to change how athletic coaches, institutions, athletic departments and professional organizations work with their athletes. 

This is a new adventure for me publicly, but one that I have been working on for years. I’m not even sure how many of my friends or family know that this is my passion and that I’ve made the leap to go “all in” and make this passion my career. It’s a tad “scary” for me, but I have realized that in order to do anything great, I have to be open, vulnerable and willing to put myself out there – something that’s undeniably difficult to do.

Up to this point, I’ve held back and haven’t lived wholeheartedly when it comes to my work and my passion. I’ve decided now is the time to change this. I’m ready to make some waves in this arena and to help athletes all over the world reach their potential in life.

This blog will be a place that explores this topic in-depth and share solutions and new tools / resources for athletes today. In addition, it will be a place for current and former athletes to connect and share experiences, and also an avenue for athlete development professionals and coaches to learn more about what their athletes are experiencing.

As you follow this blog (hopefully you come back to read more), I’d love for you to participate. Leave comments and feel free to email me. I also hope to make this a great place for you to share your stories and experiences with others. My goal is also to publish Q&As of current and former athletes as they go through the various transitions an athletic career inevitably undergoes. The more transparency we can provide, and experiences and resources that are shared on the subject, the more I think we will all start to understand the gaps and how we can best fill them.

Thanks for your support and I hope to hear from you!!



PS – If you are a current or “retired” athlete and want to share your experiences... Email me so we can set up a time for a Q&A interview!