What I’ve been up to and where we go from here…

So... It’s been a while since I last published a post here. There’s been a lot going on and I’d like to update you on it.

As many of you know, I spent the last few years working with the fine folks over at Game Plan. This summer, I decided to part ways to scratch a particular itch that’s been nagging me.

Over the past few years of going to college campuses and working with the student-athletes on their identity and career development, I have realized just how much I LOVE being on campus and in athletic departments. I love the energy and the sense of community – there is nothing better. I also realized this is ultimately something I might like to be a part of full-time in an athletic administration perspective.

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Why Personal Development in Athletics Needs to Start Early

One of my previous blog posts addressed the need to provide additional support for professional athletes as they retire from athletics. This is something I believe at my core. The more I continue to think about it, the more I believe we can do a better job of developing athletes as individuals across all levels of athletics. Investing in the personal development of athletes needs to happen earlier in the athlete’s career and it is the responsibility of athletic organizations at every level to do this.

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What We Can Learn About Athletic Identity From Michael Phelps

Last week, renowned swim star Michael Phelps returned to competition after a six-months suspension from competition with USA SwimmingThe New York Times published this great article on his initial jump back into the water. In the article, Phelps is quoted about his career and where he’s at now on his new path in life.  

As a retired swimmer, I wonder what got him back in the water. Was it the love of the sport? Did he feel he had something more to prove or accomplish? Or was something just missing? Was swimming the only way to help fill that void? 

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