What I’ve been up to and where we go from here…

So... It’s been a while since I last published a post here. There’s been a lot going on and I’d like to update you on it.

As many of you know, I spent the last few years working with the fine folks over at Game Plan. This summer, I decided to part ways to scratch a particular itch that’s been nagging me.

Over the past few years of going to college campuses and working with the student-athletes on their identity and career development, I have realized just how much I LOVE being on campus and in athletic departments. I love the energy and the sense of community – there is nothing better. I also realized this is ultimately something I might like to be a part of full-time in an athletic administration perspective.

As many of you know, I’m passionate about impacting and empowering others. I’m interested in making some changes in college athletics and in how we generally work with and develop young athletes. One of the best avenues for that is in athletic administration and in the college athletic department or at the conference / NCAA level.


In order for me to potentially head down this path, I decided that it’s time for me to get my master's degree. I enrolled at the University of Washington in the school of education in the Intercollegiate Athletics Leadership master's program. It’s a one-year program, a hybrid of online and in-person work. I have to tell you – so far it’s been GREAT. The faculty is outstanding and it’s great to move through the work with a cohort of individuals throughout the entire experience. 

This program has given me time to reflect on my professional experiences in college athletics thus far and has helped me to learn more about the administrative side of the “business” – something that I felt I needed to get a better understanding of.

I have also started working in the University of Washington athletic department in the academic services area – particularly in student-athlete career development. I’m thrilled to be doing this.  My particular focus is around career and life after sport programming.

In addition, I also recently started coaching with a company called BetterUp. It’s a great company that provides coaching to companies looking to enhance their benefits for their managers and employees. 

And finally (but not of less importance), I am excited to share that this September; we welcomed a baby boy, Harrison to the family. This threw an entirely new element into the mix as we now have a 3.5 year old and a new baby. I’m working on balancing these new additional responsibilities at home and needless to say, it’s been a challenge.  I love my work and want to continue to do both the best that I can. Fortunately, I have a great support system – starting with my husband.

SO, where I go from here?

I’m continuing to research and innovate around student-athlete development, athletic identity and athlete career development. I’ll continue to write what I find and think about all of this hear. As I continue to take my classes and dive in deeper with my program development and coaching work, I’ll also explore that here. There are a lot of (NECESSARY) changes coming in the college athletics landscape so I’ll do my best to explore those as well.

Regardless of all that I have going on, I hope to do a better job of reflecting and writing here. I’ve had a lot of revelations this past few months and think this is a valuable tool for me to share these with others in order to best influence change in college athletics and how we work with athletes overall.

Source: gohuskies.com