"I can't say enough about Erica and her abilities!  She was born to do this.  One of the great things about her approach is that she makes it highly collaborative.  I looked forward to our sessions because it wasn't a one way street about what I was doing right or wrong - on the contrary - she asked direct questions that initiated honest answers and thoughtful discussions.  Erica took the time to understand where I came from, both personally and professionally, in order to help develop a strategy that would deliver tangible results. We collaborated to identify weaknesses, strengths and what turned out to be multiple ideal directions for professional growth.  While we didn't have a measuring stick for success, we did develop some shape for growth and some mile markers to work toward.  Erica gave me tools, exercises and interactive homework to help drive our sessions...they were all things I looked forward to executing.  It was easier for me to accomplish these items and get the results I needed when I let go of any inhibition and got engaged.

Erica helped me recognize my talents and understand they may not all fit into a single job posting. I immediately, within weeks, began to see results. I accomplished things in four months that I thought might take years. I wholly endorse Erica for her skills and expertise and I would recommend her to any person at any level looking to grow professionally."  -- Michael D. 

"Erica was very understanding and encouraging and a very good listener (of course!). It made me feel accountable for the things I said I wanted to do and to actually do them.  In the few months of coaching, I know I have made strides and also realizations in the things I want to do – and the coach definitely helped guide me there." -- Kristie F. 

"Not only is Erica Cenci the consummate professional, she has an open and honest approach with her clients that creates awareness and helps them meet their goals. I especially appreciate Erica's intuitive listening skills, her candor, and her supportive coaching style."  -- Heidi S. 

"Erica is a patient and powerful coach.  As my coach she has helped me reach my potential. I look forward to all of my sessions with her, and when we are finished with a session I feel reenergized, and ready to continue my work. Erica has been a partner in my career transition and development. She helps me manage my new career goal by encouraging me to take a step back and look at all of my small wins, and to not only focus on the end result. As a result of this, I have been much more aware and present in my personal and professional life. I have been able to prioritize a much needed balance and focus in my life and new career.

Erica is very upfront and honest with me, and she has the ability to help me see the pieces that I am missing on my own. She is a strong listener and has the skills to help me identify my roadblocks. Once I have identified these she then empowers me to develop an action plan to reach my goal. She isn’t afraid to ask me tough questions, and that is where I have had the most discovery.

Erica is incredibly sincere and has a desire to help others reach their goals. We have built a partnership that I truly cherish. I feel that she is a true motivator and support system. I feel completely safe and comfortable in our coaching. Erica has a lot of great qualities as my coach, but I appreciate her most for her authenticity. She is fearless and she has inspired me to be the same, I now have the tools and the mindset that I can take on any obstacle that come along. I will conquer, but also enjoy my journey." -- Elisa L.